24 Dec

Yeah, we’re not dead yet~
It’s just that we’re kind of busy with real life stuffs… T_T and thus, our projects are now on a mini-hiatus~

We’re looking for …
~ Be it a Japanese-English or Chinese-English translator, we need you!
You can choose to be a temporary translator. Heehee.
Requirements: (You don’t really need to have a photoshop but it will be better if you have it.)
-Able to translate the texts accurately to English.

Requirements: Photoshop. At least able to do simple cloning.

If you have an doubts, feel free to email us at rawk-n-roll [at] hotmail.com

We will be back soon!



18 Oct

In the previous chapter, We’re left with a cliffhanger…

So what’s going to happen next?
What’s with the bad fortune?
Why…? What…?
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10 Oct

Today’s release…

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:) Today’s release!

3 Oct

Kotohara Sui was touched by the National Music competition performances; and this prompted her to apply to study at the school which Sou Tsukasa attends. Though the school’s orchestra club rejected her proposal, after much recommendation from Tsukasa, she was admitted into the Brass band… Will they be able to beat the Orchestra Club…?!
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Double Happiness! :D (or was it Triple…?)

18 Sep

First Happiness: I want to introduce our new Proofreader, Sootopolis !! :D
wheehehehe~ now, we will have a better standard of releases released. =D

Hooray to our new Proofreader! :D

As most of you might have realised, we have been inactive more quite some time…
Don’t worry! :P We are back now (again) and will complete the projects we have on hand. :)

Last but not least, the moment you have been waiting for… our second happiness
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YOOHOOOO!! Yep, We are alive!

11 Jun

YIPPEEE! I’m finally getting my 2 weeks break. LOL.
And yes, we’re here!
We will be releasing KURENAI HANAFUBUKI chapter 4! xD

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10 May

We’re not dead yet. HAHAHA! Just wanna update you guys that we’re currently translating those chapters.. >.>
yeah, I’ve tons of presentation and tutorials.. oh man.. T-T

We’ll release something soon. :D





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